Kerry Rose Drapcho

Proper Noun / Kerr-e Drap-show /

  1. Can be found at your local coffee shop or in her Brooklyn apartment drinking wine and on her journey to find the best pizza in the borough
  2. Off traveling somewhere around the world and following her obsession with taking pictures of doors. Or maybe just dreaming about it with her nose in a computer…
  3. Product Designer @ Fuzz Productions in Williamsburg
  4. Always open to a side gig. Reach out!

 20-something Brooklyn transplant hailing from the country’s smallest state.

Currently working as an Interactive Designer participating in the design process from UX, visual design, and front-end development. Proudly hold a BFA in Graphic Design with Distinction and a minor in English Communications & Media Studies from Emmanuel College, class of ’14.

  • Focus in both print and web design- passion for clean layouts, coding and web based marketing.
  • Affinity for awe-striking fonts, color pallets, and a perfectly organized layer window in any (or should I say all) Adobe CC programs.

Dream Goal

Social Impact Design As a true believer in the power of kindness, and I feel that designers have a higher meaning to use their skills for the benefit of others. I dream to create brand experiences that are based in emotion, value, and the human connection.