Kerry Drapcho

Product Designer, UX/UI, & Web Wizard
Brooklyn, NY


Background with all types of graphic design, specializing in creating experiences, layouts and designs across all aspects of the web.

User Experience

Research, prototyping and wireframes frame the outcome a user has when experiencing a webpage, flyer or ad. As a UX designer, I’m able to create clear communication pieces and construct positive outcomes.

Visual Design

To create a beautiful, and engaging web experience, my expertise spans across all aspects of visual design, from mood boards or digital assets, to full websites with content layouts and visual mockups.

Front-End Dev

Using a combination of HTML, CSS and Sass, and of course an up to date wheelhouse of coding standards, I am able to bring a flat mockup into a responsive, functioning webpage or email.


A brand identity is the overall message, strategy, and visuals for any design. From logo concepts, to typography selections, colors and social media posts I can use my brand experience to bring your vision to life.

Print Design

Wether creating a new brand, or extending an existing look and feel, as a trained as graphic designer, my ability to create a visual designs spans far beyond websites, and into all forms of printed materials.

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