Partnership for Global Health Technologies

Client: Boston University
Date: February 2016
Services: UX, Visual Design, Front-End

01. The Brief

The Partnership for Global Health Technologies was a new program at Boston University, looking to create an online presence and draw in more applicants. 

While the program was created by Engineering, they wanted to spread awareness to other colleges, and make it own any discipline could use the program to their advantage.

02. The Challenges

The client was able to create the website off of a small grant received by one of their donors.

With a small budget, and very little content, the main battle creating this site was how to give them the best possible site, while working within these constraints.

03. The Process

The Partnership for Global Health Technologies site received 5 custom page templates. 

I added many different features, and elements to the provided content, and created a much more organized structure for them. With no content, and no budget for a writer, the Interactive Design team wrote majority of the content for any additional UI elements we added to the site.