March of Dimes

Client: March of Dimes
Date: December 20, 2017
Services: UX, Visual Design

01. The Brief

March of Dimes underwent a massive rebrand to celebrate their 100th anniversary, and the progression of the company’s mission.

Purpose strategists created a new tagline, “healthy moms and healthy babies”, and adjusted their brand goal’s to exemplify strength, power, and a mission to amplify mothers as well as their children, to create empower and create a brighter future for all.

02. The Goals

With all creative collateral I designed, every decision was based on flipping March of Dimes brand to being pastel, soft, and cute, to empowering, bold, and promoting positive change.

March of Dimes needed a new website and many pieces of collateral to go with the updated brand campaign, and visual identity. As the UX/UI lead on the website, I created homepage desktop and mobile designs were created for both the March of Dimes main page, and also the March of Babies companion page.

Additionally to the website, I created digital items such as the advertisements to celebrate the brand launch in the “We Wont Stop” campaign, and print pieces such as annual reports, save the dates, and event invites.

All work below was created as contract work for hire for Purpose.

03. Launch

The website was contracted by March of Dimes. The development was contracted by March of Dimes is not affiliated with Purpose.

04. Ad Campaign

To celebrate the launch of MoD’s new brand, their advertising campaign for March of Dimes, focused on three main points: Community, Advocacy and Research.

Take a look at “We Won’t Stop”.