LimoLiner Rebrand

Client: LimoLiner
Date: August 2015
Services: Branding, Package Design, Visual Design

01. The Brief

LimoLiner is a conceptual rebrand for the luxury coach bus service providing transport between New York City and Boston.

Goals of the redesign where to align the brand with the elevated service the company provides to its users. The client’s goals were to achieve an upgraded look of chic and sexy, combined with luxury and sophistication.

This project was completed for a conceptual project, and while the goals and client statements are true, the rebrand is not officially affiliated with LimoLiner.

02. The Challenges

The LimoLiner brand was looking for a redesign to bring it’s style up to date. While the service they provide is luxury, users do not gain this impression upon first glance.

The current LimoLiner logo had a conflicting sense of style between the logo mark and the typeface. It needed a clean, sophisticated edge, and to create a memorable face of the brand.

03. The Process

To begin the LimoLiner rebrand, I started by creating a new concise, clean logomark. 

To create an entire experience, I followed with a brand package of classic print materials such as business cards, a letterhead, and envelopes. Additionally, I created materials directly for the client’s needs such as branded coffee supplies, notepads and napkins for users of the coach service, even a sticker bus wrap.