Jourdain Scholarship Fund

Client: Jourdain Scholarship Fund
Date: February 2017
Services: User Experience, Visual Design, Content Curation

01. The Brief

The Jourdain Scholarship Foundation is a program started by a faculty member at Classical High School, that elicits donations to form a scholarship, given to one student matriculating to a four year university.

The foundation started in February of 2017, and was already receiving much praise and donations before receiving an online presence.

02. The Challenges

There was no budget and no existing brand. The client was currently sharing a Google Doc of information to interested parties and needed a better way to communicate with outside parties.

I wanted to give a clean brand, and a professional persona to the foundation to accurately present itself to donors as the reputable, amazing cause it is, under a fast paced launch period, and a pro-bono budget.

03. The Process

The Jourdain Scholarship Foundation site launched within about two weeks time.

The foundation now has a proper online presence including a homepage showcasing the different features, a marketing page where donors can be sent to the attract the benefits of the foundation, and an application for recipients of the scholarship fund to apply.

I wrote much of the copy for the website, and created a structure that best fit the client’s needs.