GoTerriers Mood Board

Client: Boston University
Date: July 2016
Services: Branding, UX, Visual Design

01. The Brief

Boston University Athletics hired Interactive Design to creative direct their website redesign, executed by a third party, specializing in higher ed athletics. 

The previous was lacking a brand of it’s own, and needed new structure to fit their growing needs. 

02. The Challenges

The goals of the client with their website redesign were to

  • Elevate the design of the brand. The site lacked a solid color palette other than an overwhelming amount of BU red, had an absence of basic UX features, and possessed inconsistent style
  • As for layout, the GoTerriers redesign needed to add promotional space to feature the news stories they were posting to their site daily, that lacked a proper home. The space needed room to potentially add descriptions and more recap information

03. The Process

To best showcase the direction Boston University wanted to take with the new GoTerriers site, we created various mood boards.

Initially, we sent the third party a one-page mood board showcasing them a new color palette, defining typography standards, and standard UI elements for their site. Then, I combined all these elements to create a sample News Widget, to solve their lack of promotional news space.

Secondly, I provided the client with additional typographic explorations with their approved design of the News Widget, with fonts that better fit their project budget and goals.