Emerging Elites Instagram

Client: Emerging Elites
Date: July 2015
Services: Branding, Print Design, Social Media

01. The Brief

Emerging Elites is a training program for high school, competitive track athletes. The brand was looking to bring up its registration numbers, but was lacking any social media presence, the number one space where it’s target users play.

My co-worker and I saw this missed opportunity, and created an Instagram account for the company. From scratch, we created a follower base of 120 within the first few months.

Print Design

Create unique, targeted content for social media account

Social Media

Manage Instagram campaigns & generate followers

02. The Process

Firstly, we conducted research on the current market of competitive track programs, and running Instagram accounts to see what was being done.

From here, we created weekly campaigns of posts that would best fit our niche market, yet also target with more generic running accounts.

The widest target audience included all kinds of athletes and fitness/running enthusiasts across Instagram. More specifically, Emerging Elites (EE) targets runners in middle school, high school and college, and professional runners in the Boston area.

03. The Product

These designs follow weekly campaigns and use motivational quotes combined with typographical explorations and EE Athlete photographs to engage with the running community and broaden the audience of the program.

These posts were made for Emerging Elites. All images provided by TRACS, Inc. All rights reserved.