How to Win a Stanley Cup

Client: Boston University
Date: February 2017
Services: Visual Design, Front-End

01. The Brief

Boston University releases an online alumni magazine, Bostonia, with four feature articles, three seasons per year.

Each member of the Interactive Design team is given a written article, and the task to attack it full-speed ahead, concepting all visual design choices, interactive elements, pull-quotes, and sidebars. 

02. The Goals

The main goal of this article was to highlight Mike Sullivan as a comeback story. BU did not want to be a glamorized story of his perfect journey, yet truthful of his struggle, and how his hard work brought him to success.

Bostonia’s other goals were to highlight how Sullivan’s time at BU shaped his future success, and also to break the mold of BU hockey stories and branding.

03. The Outcome

The project begins with a graphic highlighting the perfect juxtaposition of Sullivan as a Terrier with the Bean Pot, and Sullivan as a Penguin coach with the Stanley Cup, driving the connection home.

The article continues on with a visual aesthetic that carries the idea of sports and action across without an athletics vibe into your head. It incorporates a combination of the past and present through imagery choices.