Machozi’s Calling

Client: Boston University
Date: October 2016
Services: Visual Design, Front-End

01. The Brief

Boston University releases an online alumni magazine, Bostonia, with four feature articles, three seasons per year.

Each member of the Interactive Design team is given a written article, and the task to attack it full-speed ahead, concepting all visual design choices, interactive elements, pull-quotes, and sidebars. 

02. The Challenges

Machozi’s Calling is the most difficult piece I have had to work with in my career. The article speaks about a Vincent Machozi, a BU alum, who died standing up for the rights of his people in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The struggles of this project include:

  • Portrayal: How do you best depict a graphic, heartbreaking story of death, without turning it into a grief filled piece? While Machozi’s story is a dark tale, it has a silver lining of his life dedicated to helping others and standing up for what he believes in

03. The Outcome

This project uses color, and imagery to careful set a solemn tone, with an uplifting message.

While Machozi had a tragic death, the goal of the piece is to spread awareness on the tragedies occurring in the Congo, and draw donations to his scholarship.