Tracking Cape Cod Sharks

Client: Boston University
Date: February 2017
Services: Visual Design, Front-End

01. The Brief

Boston University releases an online alumni magazine, Bostonia, with four feature articles, three seasons per year.

Each member of the Interactive Design team is given a written article, and the task to attack it full-speed ahead, concepting all visual design choices, interactive elements, pull-quotes, and sidebars. 

02. The Goals

The main goal of this article was to highlight Greg Skomal, a senior fisheries biologist dedicated to tracking Great Whites of the coast of Cape Cod, and around the world.

Mainly a researcher, Skomal is is midway through two major multiyear studies focusing on protecting the sharks.

03. The Outcome

The project opens with a window in the life of Great Whites, a small glimpse of a figure swimming behind the darkness. The mask lifts, and reveals the true identity of Great Whites.

The article continues on with a visual aesthetic that directs the article down a research forward path, with a light-hearted feel. The design aims to decrease the stigma created around Great Whites, while also highlighting their power and beauty as misunderstood creatures.